Survey results


1,112 1-km squares have been surveyed for bats since the start of the project in 2013. This comprises 3,336 complete nights of recording, which has resulted in the collection and analyses of over a million bat recordings from across the county.

In addition, 81 1-km squares were surveyed in the Bure and Yare Valleys (MSc dissertation, University of East Anglia) and 62 1-km squares surveyed in the Suffolk using the same methodology.

To see a summary of the first two years of the survey, click on one of the following links.

The Pipistrelles of Norfolk‎

cropped-Copyright-Amy-Lewis-permission-for-use-required1.jpg Norfolk’s Big BatsSerotine Norfolk’s cryptic and quiet batscropped-Copyright-Mike-Toms-BTO-mike.toms@bto.org_.jpg

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