NEWSFLASH 15/02/2017: The project has now come to an end. We do not currently have the funding to continue the project in 2017, but will update this page if the situation changes.


Signing up involves (1) selecting a 1-km square or squares that you wish to survey – the sign up map will be updated to show that this square/s have been taken to avoid duplication of effort, and (2) booking a detector to use  – after selecting a 1-km square, you will be given a web link where you will be able to reserve a detector to use. We recommend that you reserve your detector as soon as you have reserved a square to avoid disappointment, as there is limited availability.

When selecting a new 1-km square to survey, please consider selecting a BLUE PRIORITY square to survey in preference to other 1-km squares. If you are not able to take on a priority square, please select any other available square. Priority squares have been selected according to a stratified random survey design, which if surveyed would provide representative coverage of the habitats, altitudinal range and varying climates in southern Scotland. Selecting these is most likely to provide our best understanding of bats in southern Scotland.

The survey season runs from the beginning of May until the end of September. If you wish to take part, please click on the below map. You will then be able to zoom in to find and reserve a 1-km square that you would like to survey by double-clicking on it. If you have any problems using the map, please contact us directly at ssbatsurvey@gmail.comScotland_signup