Using the detector

IMPORTANT  Please only use one SD memory card for your survey

IMPORTANT The video and instructions below are for one type of detector which we are starting to replace this season (2019), with a different detector. If this is the case, please follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide provided with the bat kit.

Please see our Quick Start Guide which is provided with the equipment or can be downloaded below. See also our recommendations for producing high quality recordings below.

The detector kit

 Outside the detectorSlide2Inside the detector


Detector and microphone placement is critical for producing high-quality bat sequences for later analysis. This may not always be practical but ideally:-

  • Detectors / microphones should be deployed at least 5 feet (1.5 meters) in any direction from vegetation or other obstructions.
  • Place away from lighting (e.g. a house with lights). This is likely to reduce the diversity of species recorded, where several species avoid light.
  • Where close to water, avoid positioning the microphone directly next to water, to avoid reflection from the water’s surface.
  • Because bats will often follow linear landscape features like hedgerows or tree lines and are attracted to water, we recommend that detectors are placed close to these features where possible.